May 27, 2021

Amtrak Releases 15-Year Vision for New Corridors

Amtrak has released a report detailing its 15-year vision to improve 25 existing routes, add 39 new routes, and bring service to more than 160 new communities, which CEO William J. Flynn submitted to Congress, along with a letter calling on legislators to consider the railroad’s top priorities to support that vision. Amtrak’s new report, Amtrak’s Vision for Improving Transportation Across America is described as “a comprehensive plan to develop and expand our nation’s transportation infrastructure, enhance mobility, drive economic growth and meaningfully contribute to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.”

FROM: "Amtrak Releases 15-Year Vision, Calls on Congress for $75B in Support" by Marybeth Luczak in Railway Age on May 27th

For the Empire Corridor the national passenger railroad increasing frequency and reducing travel times, including an additional NYC-Albany, NYC-Niagara Falls, and NYC-Cleveland roundtrip frequencies to the existing timetable. Amtrak is also proposing extending Northeast Regional service to Ronkonkoma over the LIRR with three roundtrips per day. And “East-West Rail” also got included in the report, with the railroad proposing two additional Boston-Springfield-Albany roundtrips supplementing the current Lake Shore Limited.

LINK: Amtrak Corridor Vision Press Release

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