April 28, 2024

ESPA Director Jacob Adams has passed away at 52

Jacob at the head of the table at a ESPA Working Group Meeting last November in Schenectady NY

We regret to inform you of the untimely death of ESPA Board Member Jacob Adams of Rochester. Cody Donahue of Reconnect Rochester passed along this information to ESPA this afternoon. Jacob was both an ESPA Director and planned to be on the board of our new foundation; an avid railfan who loved being trackside and sharing train trips all around the globe with family and friends. He was an advocate for many causes including children, public health, and the 19th Ward community in Rochester, NY where he and his wife Heather lived for over 20 years.

Jacob will greatly be missed by his fellow members of the Empire State Passenger Association.

Jacob Adams Obituary